Welcome to my world


My name is David Naylor and I’d like to welcome you to my world.

​It’s a world of Music, Minimalism and Mystery and there are two more 'M' words which 

help to explain why - Meningitis and Memory.

In 2017 I almost died after having Bacterial Meningitis and Sepsis and when I came out of a coma, I’d lost my memory.​

Then one morning a song came into my mind and I realised I’d once written it.

More songs came and after 9 weeks in hospital I decided to somehow record and release them.​


Before the brain injury I’d been working as a music facilitator running groups in The Priory hospital.


However, not able to run the business anymore I began to sell everything to pay musicians and recording costs.​

Due to my situation, the songs have been recorded usually one instrument at a time – by some incredible musicians - and it is an ongoing process.​

The project became known as ‘One Last Poem’ which is to be the name of the album.​

As a result of selling everything I’ve embraced a Minimalist lifestyle. and am now able to fit the physical objects of my life into the boot of a car.

There is no memory of writing any of the songs but I don't think that matters.

What matters is that I do what I can to release them and let them be heard.​

It’s a fascinating world, one which can be frustrating (for myself and others) and at times has been very frightening.

For now though, it's also a musical world and I'm grateful that you stopped by to listen.

"His story touched so many people in the room and his music was so powerful.  There was not a dry eye in the house of silent tears" - Sharon Gaffney – (Pump House Theatre / Watford Fringe festival)

“A soulfully real singer-songwriter...” - Llewelyn Screen (A&R Factory)


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