"His story touched so many people in the room and his music was so powerful.  There was not a dry eye in the house of silent tears" Sharon Gaffney – (Pump House Theatre / Watford Fringe festival)

                                      “A soulfully real singer-songwriter - Llewelyn Screen (A&R Factory)

Welcome to my world


My name is David Naylor and I’d like to welcome you to my world.

​It’s a world shaped by Music, Minimalism and Memory. 

In 2017 I almost died after having Bacterial Meningitis and Sepsis and after coming out of a coma, I’d lost my memory.​

Then one morning a song came into my mind and I realised I’d once written it.

More songs came and after 9 weeks in hospital I decided to somehow record and release them.​


Before the brain injury I’d been working as a music facilitator running groups in The Priory hospital.


However, not able to run the business anymore I began to sell everything to pay musicians and recording costs.​

Due to my situation, the songs have been recorded usually one instrument at a time – by some incredible musicians including Mel Gaynor (SImple Minds), Michael Bailey (Chaka Khan) Toby Baker (Eric Clapton) 

The project became known as ‘One Last Poem’ which is to be the name of the album.​

As a result of selling everything I’ve embraced a Minimalist lifestyle. and am now able to fit the physical objects of my life into the boot of a car.

There is no memory of writing any of the songs but I don't think that matters.

What matters is that I do what I can to release them and let them be heard.​

It's a surreal, fascinating world and at times it 's been quite scary but more than anything, it's a musical world.

Thank you for stopping by to listen.



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